Sterling OMS Creating Weblogic Queue

By | 03/05/2018

Sterling OMS Creating Weblogic Queue

In this post we are going to see how to create Sterling OMS Creating Weblogic connection factory and Queue. This is needed when we trying to create and use integration /agent servers.

Sterling OMS Creating Weblogic Queue

IBM OMS Supports following Context Factory implementation

  • Weblogic
  • File
  • Websphere
  • JBOSS 6

In this post we are going to see how to use Weblogic Initial Context Factory

Sterling OMS Creating Weblogic Queue

Create local weblogic server

JMS Server Creation - 1

JMS Server Creation - 2

JMS Server Creation - 3

JMS Server Creation - 4

Now need to create JMS Module

JMS Module 1

JMS Module 2

JMS Module 3

JMS Module 4

JMS Module 5

Creating Connection Factory

Queue Connection Factory 1

Queue Connection Factory 2

Queue Connection Factory 3

Creating Queue

Create Queue 1

Create Queue 2

Create Queue 3

Create Queue 4

Create Queue 5

Final Connection Factory and Queue Configuration

Sterling OMS Creating Weblogic Queue

After this configuration weblogic or OMS server restart NOT required. Yes you are reading right, we don’t need to restart servers.

All the configuration related to Queue configured in below file

<Weblogic Install Dir>\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\oms\config\jms\myjmsmodule-jms.xml

How to test the newly created Queue using Integration server ?

Click on this link for OMS Integration Server Creation and Testing

Question: Where weblogic stores all the configurations related to ear/war file path of admin server port ?

<Weblogic Install Dir>\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\oms\config\config.xml

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15 thoughts on “Sterling OMS Creating Weblogic Queue

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Ravi for following as very regularly. We have not updated in linkedin on this post but still you are able to comment. very much thank you. Keep sharing your view on each post. Thanks once again

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry, our self dont have JBOSS experience. Will check with few others and keep you posted.

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  2. ravi

    Is there a similar step by step JMS Queue configuration guide for websphare application server. please?

    1. admin Post author


      We don’t have this configuration at this time. We will work and get you the configuration document.

  3. Ashakiran

    Should the JMS Server and Agent Server name Should be same

    1. admin Post author

      Not required. You can always can have different JMS server name. There is no relationship with JMS server name and agent server name. Queue lookup happening via CONNECTION factory name (AGENT_QCF) / URL (t3://localhost:7001) / Queue name (CreateOrderQueue).

  4. Ashakiran

    Should the JMS Server in weblogic and Agnet Server Name in Application Manager should be same?

    Could you help with error :

    Cannot instantiate class: weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory [system]: [ ]: JMSConsumer

    1. admin Post author

      We assume you received this error while starting agent or integration server. If you are planning to use weblogic JMS you need to build wljarbuilder.jar and add into OMS using install3rdparty.cmd

      Below are the steps needed for building wljarbuilder.jar

      Build wlfullclient.jar file (OMS 94 only)
      1. Open windows command prompt
      2. cd E:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\wlserver\server\lib
      3. set JAVA_HOME=E:\Oracle\java\jdk1.7.0_79
      4. set PATH=E:\Oracle\java\jdk1.7.0_79\bin
      5. java –version (Make sure java JDK version as 1.7.0_79)
      6. java -jar wljarbuilder.jar

      install3rdParty.cmd weblogic 12 -j C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\wlserver\server\lib\wlfullclient.jar -targetJVM AGENT
      install3rdParty.cmd weblogic 12 -j C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home\wlserver\server\lib\cryptoj.jar -targetJVM AGENT

      Hope this helps !!!

  5. Shivam

    when I’m starting my Agent server it’s giving me TargetInvocationException. Can you tell me what is the problem and hot to solve this?

    1. admin Post author

      This error seen only when you are trying to start server with incorrect server name. Can you please check the server name which you are trying to start ?


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